Business Law

Alyssa B. Greenberg, Esq. serves individuals with legal services including entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, principals, shareholders, investors, directors, officers, employees, consultants, contractors and subcontractors. Ms. Greenberg can also provide general legal counsel for smaller companies that do not have their own in-house legal staff. Ms. Greenberg understands her clients’ corporate legal needs and aims to help them meet their business objectives. She works to protect her clients by providing proper planning to avoid and minimize time consuming and costly legal disputes and assists her clients with foreseeing and addressing future contingencies that may result from a contractual business relationship.

Ms. Greenberg’s assistance with specific corporate transactions may include:

  • Assisting corporate clients through the process of registering new corporations, partnerships and limited liability corporations.
  • Drafting shareholder and membership agreements, analyzing agreements and procedures for corporate clients and addressing complex issues when negotiating and preparing agreements.  
  • Preparing and negotiating agreements governing the liabilities and responsibilities of company directors and officers.  
  • Drafting and interpreting employment and management agreements to address the business needs of clients and addressing potential contingencies related to employment and management agreements. 
  • Addressing conflicts that may arise among partners or shareholders by facilitating negotiations, assisting in communications between partners or shareholders and drafting new documents and agreements to resolve disputes.